OutSmart Phones


Ever feel like your phone has more control over you then you do over it? With one single tone, it summons you to check/answer it. You flip it out of your pocket to verify the time. You pop your headphones in and it’s got all of your attention. Oh no! You’re lost! You instantly leap at your phone and use it’s GPS. Point being that phones these days, have absolutely everything. It’s oddly overwhelming – but this doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be the ones calling the shots!

Now don’t get me wrong, technology is remarkable; the smart phone is truly one of the most amazing things ever made! The problem arises when we fail to grasp the power that is rightfully ours!

In the battle of phones, there are two broad-typed categories: open and closed. Open appliances place very little, if any, limitations on what you do with the device. Once you’ve purchased it, do what you want; it’s a free for all! Closed devices, as the name suggests, have certain restrictions and boundaries set in place that allow one to use the device only as it was intended by the company head-honcho. There is very little customizability, and the phone functions in one manner only.

Perhaps the most infamous rivalry on this subject is between the open Android Smartphone, and the closed Apple iPhone. Both are entirely impressive, with a list of features longer than your grandparent’s rants about ‘the good ol days!’ The thing that places the Android phone a few bars above the rest is it’s enthusiasm towards giving its users an open garden. In a time such as ours, where prosumerism is ever growing, I find it shocking that Apple seem to be getting away with the mindless protection they have over their devices. People have the right to complete and utter control over their device! So come on guys! Take your freedom and run!


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