Aware VS Active


KONY 2012. We’ve all heard of it, and if you haven’t, maybe go see what’s happening in places other than that rock you’re living under. It was a phase – a whirlpool of hype – that shook the country for little over a month. Everywhere we looked we’d see posters, or statuses, or videos. We really could not escape it. Essentially, the point of it all was to raise awareness over the issues of child soldiers in Africa, and to attempt to stop the ringleader of the whole ordeal, Mr Joseph Kony.

The promotions seemed reasonable, and were greatly emotive. They evoked anger into the hearts of many people. So much so, that people began to stir up and do radical things… like share the YouTube videos, or even like a facebook page here and there. I even heard of a few who were really controversial, who defiantly stuck a number of poster’s up in public arenas. The response to the whole campaign was overwhelming and really heartwarming. A revolution was in our midst!

(Now, I hope you picked up on my sarcasm)

All the shenanigans surrounding the Kony Campaign, personally, drove me up the wall. There is little more frustrating than people feeling as though they are doing the world some good by just clicking a few buttons here and there.

The swift advancement in technologies and social platforms has resulted in an indescribable change in its users. We have learnt to live our entire lives with our eyes locked to the screen. Today’s generation have become complacent in relying so heavily on hiding behind a keyboard and monitor, and although the evolution of technology has allowed us to be 25 times more informed and aware of the global circumstances, we are about 65 times less active*.

So, no, the real issue here is not Kony. What I am worried about is the wearing down of human emotion. With every day that passes that we use a social media platform we become more and more numb to the world around us. We protest that we have grown into participants, fighters for the cause, when really, we are only becoming more shallow, smug and content with what we have, that the only nerve we have is used to share a measly 30 minute video.

Take a look at the following images – they made me chuckle – but truthfully, they couldn’t be more spot on!




It’s one thing to be aware, but a completely different thing to be active. Choose wisely.

*Figures made up for dramatic effect

For further reference, please see below:


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One response to “Aware VS Active”

  1. laurenkatefairweather says :

    I really enjoyed reading your take on the theme for this week really made me think !

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