Truth, Where Have You Gone?


The media is an inescapable and viscous monster, whose claw’s of control feed us selective news, opinions and gossip on whatever they pretty well please. The issue I am going to attempt to attack today is media control. Who the heck owns the media that floods us everyday, and why care?

Who? 6 Companies.

These guys own about 90% of all media content, including the news (both offline and online), radio, cinema and television. It’s scary to think that in 1983 there were 50 companies holding half of the power as these 6.

Just think – 6 companies have the control over the media on more than 3 continents on this planet. YOU are a part of that wider group, and “one way or another these gigantic media corporations are always going to express the ideological viewpoints of their owners” (Michael, 2010)

Why Care?

As much as we’d like to believe we live in a non-bias world, and are shown every angle of what goes on around us, this planet is just not that pleasant. As media consumers we do have the right to hear the entire story, yet corporate giants such as Rupert Murdoch would debate otherwise. Murdoch was a businessman cross entrepreneur famed for his associations with News Corporation, a global media conglomerate.

To avoid boring you, I’ll skip the nitty gritty over this fellow, but in brief Murdoch had vast control over not only the Australian media, but globally as well. He has drawn wide criticism for monopolizing media control and for utilizing it as an outlet to inflict his personal conservative political views – a point that displays the fierce dangers of such constricted control on the media.

Although it seems elaborate to compare the likes of Murdoch to dictators such as Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin, the immediate effects and intent are uncannily similar. The common denominator between these three was their pursuit of ultimate control, with, in my personal reflection, Murdoch being the most successful of them all. The reason we should give a damn about who is pulling the strings behind the media scope is because they are pulling the strings on us too! If we do not have access to the utter truth, we will forever be misguided and blinded, and if we are not aware of who does have ownership we are essentially letting them brainwash us.

See no evil, hear no evil, do no evil

See no evil, hear no evil, do no evil

The media giants are taping our mouths shut and are being selective in what they show us. So please fellow bloggers, open your eyes and don’t be afraid to challenge what you hear and see!

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2 responses to “Truth, Where Have You Gone?”

  1. danielrad says :

    your opening paragraph was pretty intense, it worked great as a preview as i definitely wanted to read more.
    Even though it was a very accusing towards to media you supported it very well by using hard facts and statistics.
    Saying Murchdoc is more controlling over his audience than Hilter or Stalin is a big claim however, and you didn’t follow it with any supporting contrast or comparison.
    All in all supper good blog post !

  2. Susan says :

    I like the title of this post and the connection you make between media ownership and access to the truth.

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