What A Ride!


Well ladies and gentlemen, we’ve come to the part of the show where you sit back, relax, and enjoy the cheesy photo montage complimented by that slow, tear-jerking music – that’s right, it’s time to reflect upon our past 6 weeks together.

Okay, so maybe there will be no nostalgic flashback moments, but feel a little sense of honour as I’ve put on my special sentimental hat for this one.

Not to be cliché, but this journey of learning, blogging and cognitive challenges has been a bit of a rollercoaster!


Six weeks ago I was feeling pretty enthusiastic about the whole blogging process – to be frank I thought it’d be a walk in the park! Turns out thinking autonomously can be a real struggle, and I am thankful for my independent nature that actually enjoyed the challenge a little. It’s surprisingly been a really refreshing process; sitting down, looking through the weeks work and digging at it to see what spin I could take on it. It’s really evoked the process of metacognition – a term first introduced to me in year 11 English, one that I swore I’d never use again. Blogging has enabled me to think about thinking (which is essentially what metacognition is). It has forced me to be vastly more aware of my thought processes and has helped me to develop my own voice, and I count it a miracle for this to have occurred! There’s generally so much nonsense involving food and funny cat videos flooding my brain that I find it hard to reach clarity. Having an outlet, such as blogging, acts like a vacuum! It just sucks out all the rubbish to leave space for the goodies – Kudos to you Mr Blog!


Throughout the past six weeks I’ve also gained a heap of intellectual knowledge! I almost feel expertise on the subject matter of media – okay, so maybe that’s a bit elaborate to say so soon? Nonetheless I’ve discovered the role media plays in our own personal lives and in society, and how each individual acts as not only a consumer, but a producer of content as well. One topic that struck a chord in me was that of Media Ownership. It almost frightened me to think that the content delivered to us is controlled, shaped, and sometimes manipulated by giant media conglomerates with mostly their own agenda at interest.

Not to be a cynic, but I’ve learnt that the media is the perfect tool to brainwash a society, so as active consumers, we have to be vigilant. It seems I’m not the only one to think so:

Media has the power to brainwash - http://25.media.tumblr.com/08b4964fc1648cd2745ad32a34dda67c/tumblr_mglsrmVVfe1rphiy1o1_500.jpg

Media has the power to brainwash (image found here)

Now, have no fear, I’m not completely sceptical, and do still have a little bit of faith left in the media. I know it’s not all doom and gloom, but through the past month I have developed a greater understanding over who controls the media, and how we can combat such attempts at mind control – one major conclusion being that we are allowed to challenge the media! We have the right to amplify our voice, and sometimes sitting back and just accepting the facts is good for nobody.

To recap: It’s been a ball having a legitimate excuse to shout my opinions wide and far, and have greatly appreciated the entire experience. Although it has been a rollercoaster, it’s been pretty darn good, and lucky for you guys, I’m a super avid fan of rollercoasters!

This is Lyd, signing off (for now anyway).

Night legends!


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