Time Flies

The blogging experience thus far has exceeded well beyond all my expectations. 10 or so weeks ago when I was told that our major assessment was a compilation of blog posts, I laughed and thought ‘Well, this should be a breeze!’

Little did I know…

Turns out thinking autonomously can be a real challenge, and as I sat to write my very first post I realised I wasn’t such a hotshot after all. Despite it being quite a struggle to come up with something worth reading, I actually enjoyed the challenge and looking back, I consider these my best three blog posts.

From King Arthur to Avengers

Let’s be honest – who doesn’t like the Avengers? Not that it’s the only element of this blog I deem to be decent. This blog covers the topic of transmedia and uses relevant, yet more obscure sources. In my previous blogs I limited myself to portray a very basic understanding of the topics, in this one, I purposefully intended to dig deeper in my research and I do hope that it has shown in comparison to it’s predecessors. Getting the opportunity to delve into matters of such a current nature, especially The Avengers, was a joyful experience, and discovering why transmedia allows for a positive audience response was not only eye-opening, but gave me a greater understanding of other global transmedia works.

Nothing is New

By this stage on the blogging expedition I was beginning to gain a better balance between reflection, discussion and definition of the topics covered in the lectures. The notion of a Remix Culture really interested me personally, and so it was no burden at all to research and explore the subject – in fact, I continually had to tell myself to ‘get back to the blog!’ before I lost myself amongst all the intriguing ideology and enticing examples. I think this blog is one of my favourites as it contains an extensive combination of video’s and text links, and refers to a variety of relevant sources.

Young Punks

This post would have to be one of my favourites as it is directly related to me as a young person. I personally feel the pressure that the media places on us, and so it was intriguing to discover others with the same opinions, and to further explore the notion of Clicktivism, and its relevance in today’s technology dominating age. This entry contained numerous articles relating to social activist movements and news reports, and so showed current examples of youths participation in fighting for injustices.

Not many things these days make us young ones think outside the box, so it made for a nice change getting to explore the never-before-seen depths of my mind. Cheers BCM112!


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