On The Road Again

It seems that the sequel to my first round of University blogging has dawned upon me far too soon. So, here I am, back on the bandwagon to hopefully enlighten and challenge not only my own, but your preconceived ideas of the ever changing and intricate media landscape that surrounds us.

As for media space- what an intriguing concept to explore! Particularly thinking about the audience. Sue mentioned an idea in the lecture that I found both ironic and somewhat sad: most media audiences practice their ‘audiencing’ privately… in public. Although we may chuckle at the notion, it couldn’t be closer to the truth. It got me thinking, because we often engage with private media in public, amidst our own media space, are we not interrupting with others’ own media spaces? We each carry this invisible bubble around all the time; a bubble which encompasses our own media space and surroundings, but surely sometimes that bubble clashes with other individual’s bubbles? Then we end up with two media spaces competing for control.

For example: I want to talk to my mum on the phone (well, she wants to talk to me) while I’m on the train so I step out of the quiet carriage to continue my conversation, then old mate Joe pops out for a phone call too… Seriously, mate, get out of my media bubble please! How do we share these spaces, and draw a line between what is my media space, and what is everybody else’s? I think the answer is, we cannot! Each individual’s own media space is constantly transforming and conflicting with others, and I will now be interested to observe (in a stalkerly fashion) the way in which we handle such cases of media space trespassing.

Until next time folks,

Lydia Crates



2 responses to “On The Road Again”

  1. ellenahoban says :

    I really enjoyed reading your interpretation of media space. I also like looking at the audience as I think it’s a very interesting aspect. I had a laugh at your media bubble section too it’s very relatable!

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