Thrown into Space

Feeling lost, and unsure of what project group I should join, I slipped into my safe zone and joined the ‘media’ group.

I was feeling chuffed with my decision to join such a group because this week we got to test the Oculus Rift. While I had never seen this technology in person, I was familiar with it, and felt like I was about to experience something from ‘Back To The Future’. I put the headset on, and was welcomed by a bright green landscape, picturesque balcony and panoramic ocean views. While the graphics weren’t exactly high definition, the experience felt overwhelming, so much so that I felt mildly dizzy when I took the Oculus off. I was pretty impressed, however my ‘Back To The Future’ expectations weren’t met.

The Oculus did not fail me though! I then tested a program called ‘Elite Dangerous’. The name sounds as cool as the simulation is. This time I was thrown into a spaceship, and explored an open galaxy based on our very own Milky Way. This was much cooler than time travel; I was drifting through a realistic 1:1 scale simulation of space, getting glimpses of the moon and distant stars.

Sadly, I couldn’t float around space forever though, and left the spaceship to film a Let’s Play video of The Resistance board game (found here).

Now, you’ve probably noticed I’m not the most proficient in gaming technology and lingo, however I’m eager to learn. Below is what I can actually bring to each of the game groups:

Media: Like most of us, I’ve done a vast amount of blogging (potentially too much blogging). I’m familiar with all the foundational social media platforms, and as I want to pursue a career in digital media & marketing, gaining further experience in managing such platforms would be invaluable to me. I’m organised and take initiative, and feel like media is my strongest point.

Modellers: I was first inspired to make a Crash Bandicoot board game, simply because it’s a piece of nostalgia for most students my age. I think it’d be a really simple concept that could deliver a vibrant and enjoyable game. I have a scrupulous attention to detail, and while I am a sucker for PS2 classics, I will implement as much of this pedantic behaviour in any game design that seems to intrigue me.

Makers: I’m a quick learner, and am confident in using Photoshop. I think I’d be able to help in building graphics and characters, and help with the design/aesthetic side of things. I’m a perfectionist, so I hope whatever I make looks flawless.


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2 responses to “Thrown into Space”

  1. spreitzerrob says :

    Again, a joy to read each time and this time you got to play with cool toys. Very jealous!

  2. DIGC says :

    Reblogged this on DIGC310.

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