Distinction Please!


While I have tried to develop some of my own game design ideas, nothing quite matches the ideas of my fellow students that I’ve heard floating around. For this reason, I aim to work with others. I plan to put together the Prezi presentation for one of the groups, and will help in any other ways I can. My skills align mostly with the media group, and so I will ensure that I am actively participating in this group, filming let’s play videos, and documenting the development of the different game designs.


While I feel limited by my lack of extensive knowledge surrounding games and game culture, I have experience in graphic design and illustration, and am adept in marketing as I major in advertising and marketing communications.

These will be my major assets, and therefore I plan to contribute to the final game presentations by:

  • Creating game artwork
  • Helping with the projected design of the games
  • Developing an integrated marketing communications plan, including:
    • Researching the behaviour of the intended target markets
    • Developing potential advertisements for the game
    • Creating a social media campaign to support the game
  • Helping with the logistical aspects of the presentation, including:
    • Developing a concise and realistic budget (my dad’s a trained accountant, it’s in my blood)
    • Creating a list of items and procedures that require expenditure
    • Exploring the potential problems that might arise regarding the funding
  • Helping with the general organisation of the presentation group by:
    • Keeping individuals accountable, ensuring each person is completing what they said they would
    • Ensuring that we meet our deadline
    • Ensuring that each person is aware of their presentation day responsibilities


Using my blog, I have already begun to compile my weekly contributions to the project development process. I will ensure that my dossier includes a diverse range of materials, including video, research, tweets, comments and blog posts. While I was a late bloomer in this subject, I finally feel like I can take ownership of something; I’ve created two Let’s Play videos so far, and am eager to create more content that will help me to learn more about the digital game culture.

I want to, and aim to, work hard in this subject, and while I do find myself a little confused at times, I try my best to understand the theory, and to engage in the practical work. I find the readings intriguing and would really love to get a Distinction for this subject. It doesn’t have to be a higher end Distinction, I’m not too picky, but I am aiming for a grade somewhere between 76 and 79. I hope that my inexperience of the whole gaming world doesn’t inhibit my ability to achieve this grade.


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