What’s On The Agenda?

The end of this session is fast approaching and, as most university students would understand, I’m getting tired of staring at walls of texts every day. So, I thought I’d mix it up this week, and instead of writing out a 400 word blog post I have made a slightly more attractive infographic. I’ve detailed what my game group’s objectives are for the next four weeks, and what I will be doing to contribute to fulfilling those objectives, and to get our game ready to rumble in time!

For some context, my group and I are creating a snake-inspired game, in which the user has to collect a trail of ‘friends’, and attempt to get as many ‘friends’ as possible without dying. We’ve called it ‘Friend Request’, a simply brilliant name if you ask me which we came up with by mere accident. We want to not only create the game, but a universe to go along with it. This will involve a website, videos, illustrations, and social media interaction. For this reason, we’ve got a range of content that needs to be produced before week 12, which can be seen below:


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